Saturday, February 18, 2012

Today is the anniversary of the death of Martin Luther, Doctor and Confessor.  Today also is the day that I begin a blog entitled “Walking Through Wittenberg”.  For some days now I have been mulling over the idea of chronicling my journey into the doctrines of Lutheranism.  While driving through the snowy countryside of my native Wyoming County in New York state this morning I was listening to a segment of the Issues, Etc. podcast which is entitled “Blog of the Week”.  The host, Pastor Todd Wilkin, made mention of his Web site’s widget for webpages and blogs (click on the widget on this page to go there -  I highly recommend it).  Every Friday on the show, Todd and his colleague Jeff announce their picks for the best blog posts. They also post a link to the winning blogs from the Issues, Etc. Web site.  That said, let me clearly state that I am not out to win a contest; I have an even more nefarious motive…Todd’s mention of his program’s widget has helped me to consider the heightened likelihood of at least someone giving this blog a reading – perhaps Todd or Jeff - perhaps too, they will have mercy upon me and be willing to provide some much needed guidance in my lengthening journey.  No pressure fellas!